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        Nanjing Qingbei Technology Co., Ltd.
        Biological buff
        Biochemical rea
        Quaternary ammo
        Diagnosis chrom
        Fine chemicals

        Tel: +86-25-57027380
        Fax: +86-25-58196375
        Email: sales@njqbio.com
        URL: www.dstutor.com


        Nanjing Qingbei Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Yanjiang Industrial Development Park of Nanjing city. Under the cooperation and supports of universities in Nanjing cit, we are specializing in the research, development and production of new products of fine chemicals and biochemical field. Up to now, our Biological buffers and Biochemical reagents have been widely used in a plenty of fields, and receiving high reputations in the market.  There are many loyal customers in global universities and biological pharmaceutical companies. We are looking forward to obtaining more cooperative opportunities by meeting customers' demands with excellent service!

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